3. Keep your head up

Sorry to confuse you. I know. Normally they say keep you head down. But this is not golf techniques. This is mental strategies. Keep your head up is important (Chin up). Did you ever notice Tiger woods? He is always looking up with a straight power posture. He looks 100% like a winner when he walks down the fairway. Look like a winner and you will feel like a winner. Look like a loser and you will feel like one. 

I call it a posture switch. Notice yourself when you are in a bad mood. Notice where your eyes are focused, how you your breast is positioned, how your spine is bent rather than straight. Now change it and go into a winner posture like Tiger Woods. Look up, straighten up your posture, chin up, smile, and breathe like explained in the chapter regarding breathing techniques. Make this a habit by training the switch and you will be able to do it while playing golf. That will help you as it did many others. See more in the chapter “Power posture and how to use it”.