20. Pump up your good mental state, GDS and get it from 10% to 200%

Chapter 6.2 and exercise 1 was about the General Desired State, GDS. Go into the good mental state GDS and you will find yourself in good mental state that ensures that you perform at your best. Likewise, chapter 16.1 talks about the distance you cover when you go from bad mental state to good mental state or even to GDS. The less mental distance you cover the easier it is to cover it. 

This chapter is about the GDS pump technique. When you go into GDS, you can feel that there are different levels of GDS. It depends on many things. One thing it should not depend on, is your technique. Train it and make sure you have at least five different good and strong GDS anchors as described in chapter 6.2. Fire GDS anchors and make sure you are in a good strong GDS. It is easy and it takes a split second.

When you have done this in many different situations, you will find out that the GDS feels different. Also, you will find out that the GDS has different levels of strength, even when you did everything right. This can be due to several reasons. One reason is the situation you are in and in this book, we are concentrating on your golfing situation. Now let us say there are 10 different strength levels of GDS. You need to find the GDS strength level which is best for your golfing situation. For that purpose, you need to be able to pump up your GDS strength level. You also need to have the ability to enter GDS at low strength levels. For cooling down, go to GRS state or to the breathing techniques described above.

Exercise 11 – GDS strength level pump

  1. Get into your GDS.
  2. Make sure you fire your GDS anchors 100% correct.
  3. Do it again.
  4. Do it more forcefully.
  5. Do it over and over again.
  6. Feel you pump up your GDS.
  7. Make sure you reach the very peak of your GDS.
  8. Notice the scale of GDS you have now. 
  9. Go to GDS strength level one.
  10. Go to GDS strength level five. 
  11. Go to GDS strength level ten. 

Now you know how to pump up your good mental state and you know how to cool it down again.