26. Pace Control

Take a look at Phil Mickelson when he walks on to the tee box and does his pre shot routine. You can see it here:

Notice how slow he moves. It is amazing how slow he moves and there is a good reason for it too. Slow movements tell the body that there is nothing to be afraid of and it gives him time to do his pre shot routine 100% correct. Lou Guzzi who speaks on the video clip tells us how you can see that Phil Mickelson is doing his visualisation and his breathing just before his shot. 

On the video clip Phil Michelson does the same pre shot routine when putting. It is great to see how he purposely calms down by moving slow and by doing deep breathing. Phil Mickelson’s techniques for pre shot routine are very close to the pre shot routine in this book called B.I.G which stands for Breathing, Imaging and Good mental State.