34. Test of Mental Toughness

Score yourself from 0 to 10.

Your score is 0 if you strongly disagree and 10 if you strongly agree.

  1. I am never distracted when playing golf. 
  2. I am always aware of my mental state on the golf course. 
  3. I make sure to be in the most effective mental state for golf when playing. 
  4. I manage my anxiety on the golf course and make sure it is at the most effective level.
  5. I am never frustrated for more than three steps after the bad golf stroke. 
  6. I am always happy on the Golf course.
  7. I do positive self-talk not negative self-talk.
  8. I have a good Post-Shot routine.
  9. I am 100 precent happy with my pre-shot routine.
  10. I do not do any “anyway” golf shots.