I am Stig Brammer. I work as project manager and trouble shooter within Asset Management. It turned out that I had great benefit of using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools at my job.  The NLP tools helped me numerous times when dealing with difficult projects, meetings, presentations, etc. This made me want to learn more about NLP and to dive deeper into the NLP tools. The deeper I dive the more joy I get. Especially when working with the tools as a project manager.

This is why I wrote this first draft of the book Mental Strategies for golfers and this is why I wanted to see  the NLP tools in use on the golf course.

The golf course is a very special place because there is so much pressure and so much anxiety. It is the perfect place to see the effects of NLP tools.


Attitudes and their effect have a major impact when it comes to golf results. This book is driven from my desire to help people. In this case I want to help people to have more fun when golfing. Moreover, I want to help golfers get the results they deserve.

The mental part of golf is often very visible on the golf course. Playing golf also shows you how golfers at all levels react when they hit the ball well and when they have a bad stroke. 

What is in it for me, might be your question now. Well there are many reasons for me to write this book. I worked with Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP since 2007 and I have a deep interest in performance coaching. I love to see people succeed and I love to help people who want to perform well. This is why, I want to get a deeper understanding of underlying mental patterns that help people perform. I also want to discuss mental performance strategies and that is probably the most important part of writing this book. I hope this book sparks tons of feedback and discussion which will lead to a deep understanding of metal performance strategies for many different people and for my self.

Learnings from feedback and discussion will be a good source for future updates of the book Mental Strategies for Golfers.

Stig Brammer