Mental strategies that turned weakness to strength for the tennis star Holger Rune

Holger Rune 19 years old just won the tennis match of his life against world top player Novak Djokovic 35 years. This match brought Holger Rune to top of the world when it comes to tennis. Holger Rune is now in the top ten ATP ranking. Holger Rune won against Novak Djokovic who won 21 Grand Slam titles which is a world record he holds together with only one other player. 

Holger Rune was a huge talent from an early age, but he had a problem. He could not control his temper. His emotions went haywire when he was under pressure on the tennis court. He got into trouble again and again. Holger Rune often got extremely happy when winning a ball and a set and extremely angry when losing. His nerves and anxiety ruled his performance. 

His anxiety got to the point where his opponent in French Open the Norwegian tennis star Casper Ruud currently number 4 on the ATP ranking said that:

“Holger plays with so much intensity and emotion in all his matches. I will try to make his emotions run away with him”

Casper Ruud succeeded to such a degree that the French Open quarter final became an ugly match for Holger Rune. Holger Rune’s anxiety resulted in ugly scenes with shouting and foul words on the tennis court. Holger Rune’s result was a lost match. 

Holger Rune also learned from this match, and he got himself a good mental coach. July 10th 2022 was the day where the news told us that the mental coach B.S. Christiansen would work with Holger Runes mental strategies. B.S. Christiansen is one of the best mental coaches and he has already helped Olympic gold medalist Victor Axelson and others to great results. 

Holger Rune went from ATP rank 29 to ATP rank 10 in three months. There may have been other reasons, but it looks to me as if the only reason was his mental strategies when anxiety and pressure build up. 

His tennis coach Mouratoglou s quoted for saying:

“Not only did Holger get his emotions under control but he did it to such a degree that anxiety management has become his greatest weapon. He is now able to turn his mindset in a split second. You speak to him, and you see a “boom” in his eyes. Suddenly he is ready. This is a very special skill to have” 

Do you want a boom in your eyes? This a very simple mental strategy and you can find the technique in the book Mental Strategies for Golfers. Here is a link to the exercise:

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Stig Brammer