23. Power posture and how to use it

Tiger wood’s power posture is probably the most widely known power posture in the world. Tiger knows how to celebrate a good stroke. He will do a very strong fist pump and much more. He might even jump with both arms straightened over his head in V shape. Tiger will also walk down the fairway with his head high, his chin up, a straight back, and powerful walking. This is all important in golf and it is important for him because it makes him believe that he will win which in itself, makes it much more likely that he does well.

The walking power posture will make sure you are in a positive mental state. You can even make a shift from a bad mental state to a good mental state by making a shift from negative posture with bent back to positive posture like Tiger Woods.  Try it and see what happens.

The power posture and the fist pump that Tiger does after great success strokes helps him pump up his GDS. Do this to exercise your GDS and make sure your GDS gets stronger and stronger. That will enable you to use it under stress.