33. Stick to the Gameplan

I coached a golfer who were standing on the fourth tee together with a competitor. They were about to drive a par 4, dogleg left hole. They could take some additional risk and go over the threes to the left or they could take less risk, make a shorter and safer drive with less risk of ending up in the trees. Of cause, the safe drive would leave them with more distance to the green on the second shot. 

My friend had not been playing well but he did have his gameplan and he was confident his gameplan would help him to a good result. In fact, my friend felt good thinking about his gameplan. His gameplan was part of his comfort zone. My friend followed his gameplan, stayed in his comfort zone and avoided the extra risk. Moreover, he started playing well from that point on. He told me he played better because he felt calm, collected and in his comfort zone. My friend’s competitor however, made the decision to drive over the trees and never really made it back from the following mental state. This was a turning point in the game and my friend eventually came out as the winner.