35. The Toolbox

The training program Mental Strategy for Golfers, MSG will give you the below toolbox. 

  1. GDS
  2. Anchors
  3. DS+
  4. PS+
  5. GTS
  6. GRS
  7. The Starting Point. Positive focus. 
  8. Green or red memory, no difference between real world and fantasy
  9. Swish
  10. Circle of influence
  11. Model of the world
  13. SMARTEP 1,2,3, called trajectory or teleological design.
  14. Breathing
  15. Body scan slow
  16. Body scan quick
  17. Open questions
  18. Focus
  19. Imaging
  20. Pre-Shot routine
  21. Post-Shot routine
  22. Between-Shots routine
  23. Wait routine
  24. Beliefs and consequences
  25. Laugh and use your sense of humour 
  26. VAK

35.1 Toolbox test

Score yourself from 0-10 on each of the tools in the toolbox find your present level of knowledge. Do it if you read the book or if you participated in the program Mental Strategy for Golfers, MSG. 

When looking at your scores you will find out where you are doing well and where you want to dive deeper.