9. Wait routine

We must preserve our mental energy for all 18 holes because it does not work if we use all our mental energy on the front nine. That will just leave us with low mental energy for the back nine and that will more likely than not give us a lack of focus and a bad round. Our mind is not able to focus 100% for a full round. Therefore, we need to give it a break in between our golf shots. This is reason why we have the wait routine and the Between-shots routine.

Use the wait routine when you wait for your fellow golfers.

  • Do your own pre-analysis, choose your weapon and be ready to hit the ball.
  • Now do the wait routine.
  • Do exercise 8, mindfulness.
  • Do the quick body scan. Exercise 5.
  • Visualise your ball going to the target.
    • Imagine you see it all the way with lots of details on every move and for each little part of the distance.
    • Imagine the sounds that will occur on the way to the target and especially when the ball hits the target.
    • Imagine your feelings and emotions when the ball approaches and hits the target.
  • You just imagined the ball hit the target. Use that to enter your GDS. Exercise 1.
  • Ask yourself if you feel good for the golf shot in front you. If you are in the right mental state. Select the right mental state, enter it, and make sure you get there and stay there. You can do that by entering it repeatedly.