31. 50000 – 80000 Distracting Thoughts a Day. The Monkey Mind

There is a lot of distraction coming from our brains and we simply need to have as little distraction as possible when we play golf. Why not use mental techniques that were invented 2500 years ago, improved over time, refined for our use, and then tested and approved by scientist. 

Scientists found that our brains have between 50000 and 80000 thoughts a day. The Buddhists already saw these inner distractions and named the problem 2500 years ago. They called it the Monkey mind. The Buddhists have a mental antidote against the Monkey mind and that is meditation. Meditation however is not only a Buddhist thing, but many other religions also use meditation. 

Mindfulness which is meditation without religion or spirituality is now getting popular. 

Mindfulness started in the 1970 when young people from Western Europe and US started to investigate Buddhism. Tibetan meditation techniques were then used for therapy to help physiological sufferings like depression, stress, fear, and addiction. Meditation and mindfulness were investigated scientifically and the scientist fund that meditation and mindfulness was often helpful regarding reducing stress, worries and other mental problems. 

Mindfulness was westernised, decoupled from religion, to some degree commercialised, and is now widespread in the Western world. 

The good thing for us golfers is that we can take the mental techniques that work for us and use them to improve our game.