29. The Feedback Circle and Target Training

The author Anders Ericsson wrote the book “Peak” where he shows us what the best of the best performers do to be the best. Anders Ericsson developed a feedback circle which he found that high performers use when training. He calls the training and the feedback circle “Deliberate Practice”. Please note that I changed it a bit for the purpose of golf training. I like to call it Targeted Training.

29.1 Illustration: Targeted training, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Note: Inspired by Anders Ericsson

Anders Ericsson’s research shows that high performers deliberately train to match a certain pattern. They sense a pattern, and they remember it because of the vast number of repetitions they do in their training. Next thing is the feedback circle. They train with immediate feedback. Meaning, high performance people set the target they want to reach, they then train until they reach it. This goes for short term targets like: “6 out of 10 chips must be within one put from the flag”, to long term targets like: “I knock 5 strokes of my golf handicap before 1st of September.”

Targeted training is great when it comes to mental targets and a good way of doing targeted training is to use the mental score card. A mental target could be to enter GDS in each pre-shot routine. Another mental target to be to enter GDS in each Post-Shot routine. A third mental target could be to have full focus before each golf stroke. A mental target for targeted training can be whatever suits your purpose as long as it gets you a step forward and a step closer to your dream. A good question is: “What is your dream?”

Also note that not only Anders Ericsson but also Rasmus Ankersen in his book “Guldminerne” found in their research that talent does not always make it. Hard work is a requirement and hard work is more important than having the best talent. Of cause high performer must have some talent, but hard work is more important than having the best talent. In fact, those with the greatest talent often get a bit laid back and mis out on the hard work and therefor the ultimate high performance.