7. Perspective

There are many books on top managers and top results, and there are far fewer books on outstanding middle managers. This is the missing book that you’re sitting here with.

We want to spread the message that great leadership can be learnt. That is, the expert who has become a leader can also learn how to be an excellent leader. Furthermore, middle managers who are good leaders can develop into even better leaders and perhaps even excellent middle managers. It just requires that the leader wants to learn and that there are books, courses, lectures and instructors who can teach it. That’s what this book makes possible. Not everyone is born a good leader. Fortunately, anyone can learn to become an excellent middle manager if they put in the effort.

This book spreads the message about New NLP and excellent middle managers, the book The Excellent Middle Manager and not least the HAWKEYE model, which is a new model for excellent middle managers. HAWKEYE is based on a series of exploratory interviews from which we took the best and most outstanding leadership situations. We then analysed the best leadership situations and came up with a ranking that appears in our HAWKEYE model. In addition, there are a number of leadership tools used in the leadership situations that we recognised from New NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

That said, we also see leadership that is other than excellent. You can see this in the illustration below. We want to contribute positive, forward-thinking, newly developed evidence-based leadership that anyone can learn. In the book, in HAWKEYE, on our courses and at lectures, people learn excellent leadership that is based on New NLP and that makes you an excellent leader.

In this way, we contribute to making leadership something that develops people, organisations and society. In the illustration you can see the development over time. There is simply a timeline from the bottom of the illustration to the top of the illustration. The timeline is not straight, but it is there.

We want to hold on to that timeline and continue it, if you want to join us?

We see the book as a living document, or perhaps even a travelogue of the journey that leads to excellent leadership. The model and book will be constantly evolving. That’s why we hope you will come back and contact us. That’s one of the reasons we’ve made the book online, so it’s easier to access and update when we get inspiration to develop the book and model. Only in this way can we create a dialogue that provides more knowledge for both the reader and the authors. In this way, we push the timeline forward.