NLP Beliefs

Here you will find a number of NLP beliefs taken directly from Sue Knight’s book “NLP at Work”:

  • Everyone has a model of the world:
    • Someone else’s model of the world will be different from yours. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not right or wrong. To accept this value is to accept and understand people as they are.
  • Everyone makes the best choice for themselves at the time they make their choice:
    • By believing this belief, we can learn how to understand and forgive other people.
  • There are no mistakes, only feedback:
    • We can learn from many different situations. Therefore, we need to be able to learn all the time, and this belief is central to learning at all times.
  • Behind every action there is a positive intention:
    • This belief is fundamental in our ability to take whatever happens to us, regardless of what it immediately does to us, and then turn it into a learning that makes us grow.
  • The meaning of communication can be seen in its effect:
    • We may not be able to control our environment, but we can be aware of the effect we have on our surroundings. By having this conviction, we take full responsibility for the effect our actions have.
  • There is a solution to every problem:
    • This belief is characteristic of people who find new paths and can work through or around challenges. It is this wellspring of creativity that characterises leaders.
  • Within us, we have all the resources we will ever need:
    • By believing this, we can learn to draw on all the resources, such as skills, attitude and beliefs, that we will use to achieve what we want.
  • The person with the most flexibility in thinking and acting has the most influence:
    • If what we’re doing isn’t working, more choices will make it more likely that we’ll find a path that works.
  • Body and mind are part of the same system:
    • Our mind and body are completely interconnected. What affects one, affects the other.
  • If one person can do it, anyone can do it:
    • If one person can do something, it is possible to copy paste it to another person. In NLP language, you would say that it is possible to model it to another person. In this way, every person can become good at something in their own way.
  • What we see in others is true about ourselves:
    • To see something of quality in another person, we need to represent this in our own person. To represent it, we must have the ability to reproduce it. In English, Sue Knight calls it: “If you can spot it, you’ve got it.” figure – how do beliefs work

Below you will find three different figures, each telling a small story about beliefs. The first figure tells the overall story of how beliefs work. The next two figures tell the story of two different beliefs that were strengthened. figur – hvordan virker en positiv overbevisning figur – hvordan virker en negativ overbevisning