1.2 Background for Middle Managers

More than ever, there is a need for the Excellent Middle Manager, especially in the face of uncontrollable financial crises, restructuring efforts, recruitment challenges, employee retention, and ever-evolving educational needs. So, who is the individual capable of rallying others and navigating through chaos with constantly shifting demands and requirements? What leadership style characterizes the Excellent Middle Manager? What traits are common among outstanding middle managers across different industries and leadership scenarios?

In this book, we present the leadership model, “The Excellent Middle Manager,” which offers a robust framework for discovering, learning, and applying the tools that today’s modern middle managers require to excel as leaders in a chaotic and unpredictable environment. We have chosen to focus on middle managers because we believe that the most critical level of leadership within a company is often found here. This is where the foundation for a company’s results, both positive and negative, is established. In other words, we identify commonalities in this book and provide a tool for other middle managers to learn what characterizes the Excellent Middle Manager and how to acquire these leadership behaviors themselves.

We developed this leadership model collaboratively after years of further education in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as leaders ourselves.

Our starting point was our current understanding of excellent leadership. What is the essence and core of truly exceptional leadership when we see, hear, and feel it at its best? The next step was to determine how the best results are achieved and what specifically sets the Excellent Leader apart from the mediocre one.

To achieve this, we needed a concrete case study, a real company – with all its intricacies and facts!